Triumph Part Number Conversion

Use the table below to convert Alpha-Numeric part numbers to Numeric part numbers

Make sure that you add zeros where appropriate – see examples below *

D-XXXX converts to 60-XXX D264 converts to 60-0264*
E-XXXX converts to 70-XXXX E4576 converts to 70-4576
E1-XXXX converts to 71-XXXX E12280 converts to 71-2280
F-XXXX converts to 82-XXXX F2229 converts to 82-2229
F1-XXXX converts to 83-XXXX F14567 converts to 83-4567
H-XXXX converts to 97-XXXX H2091 converts to 97-2091
S-XXXX converts to 21-XXXX S413 converts to 21-0413 *
T-XXXX converts to 57-XXXX T1197 converts to 57-1197
W-XXXX converts to 37-XXXX W354 converts to 37-0354 *

BSA Part Numbers

BSA part number are always 6 digits long.  Example XX-XXXX

In older parts books, the part numbers will be given directly on the parts diagram.  Only the last 6 digits are the part number. Make sure that you add zeros where appropriate.

Example 2-79 will be 02-0079

Norton Part Numbers

Early Norton part numbers were typically 5 digits long, sometimes preceded by NM, NMT, or NME

Most part numbers are now 6 digits – frequently beginning with 04 or 06, and followed by 4 digits. Norton part numbers on our website do not include the (-) like the Triumph and BSA numbers. We have tried to update all of the early numbers on the site with the updated part number.

If desired, there is a “Supersession and Amended Part Number List” available as part number 005753.