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0000021 Bob Newby Racing [BNR] Belt Drive BSA A50 A65


In stock (can be backordered)

Complete 30mm belt drive and clutch for your 500 – 650 BSA unit motorcycle. This kit includes everything you need to replace your stock primary drive and clutch. The front engine pulley is one-piece, hard-anodized aluminum and fits right onto your stock crankshaft splines. The hard-anodized aluminum clutch basket features enclosed bearings, no hassles with installing loose ball bearings, it slips right onto your transmission main shaft the same as a stock clutch hub center. New steel and fiber clutch plates are included, with a 6-spring pressure plate and hardware. The belt is capable of handling much more power than stock and is able to be adjusted more easily. No more adjusting a primary chain, checking your chaincase oil or trying to fix primary drips. This has a 36T crank shaft pully and a 68 T Clutch Pully giving it slightly taller gearing than the standard 28T to 58T sprockets.  This kit is a direct bolt on on most A50/A65 models, however some models may require custom fitting of alternator, stator and rotor.

In stock (can be backordered)


Available for other brands. Please contact us for more information.