0000006 Alton 12V Alternator Kit, Compact Type

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0000006 Alton 12V Alternator Kit, Compact Type


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Alton 12V AC generators.  Authentic look and high performance.  Each generator comes with its rectifying-regulator.

Update your old charging system

Made in France by Alton.

Complete 12V charging system. Can be used – or + ground.nquire.

In stock


The kit is just the Alternator and Regulator shown in the photos, not the mounting components.  This is shown mounted to a KJ Henderson. For use in applications where clearances are tight.
We have used these on early American models with remote generators that are belt driven, such as Henderson, Indian, but can be used in lots of applications.
This unit measures 3″ OD, overall length is 4 1/4″, armature has .510 diameter shaft, .475 long with keyway to adapt to your pulley or sprocket.

Other models available, please contact us for more information.

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